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Buy Antor, Burning Throne – Heroic Run with wow boost

A new raid – Antor, the Burning Throne – is on the horizon. This is the place where Sargeras makes his perverted abominations and develops a plan to conquer the whole world with his corrupt goals. Eleven bosses are waiting for players inside, with its unique tricks and mechanics to stop them from charging. If you can’t find a good group to complete the raid or perform a difficult task to get those items that you want for your character, then wow boost is ready to help you! With us, you can equip your character to the highest level with one simple manipulation. All you need to do is buy the Antor Burning Throne boost, and we’ll start right away!

 What do you get for this service?

Ordering Antor boost, you are guaranteed to get:

  • equipment with a level of 945+;
  • objects together with artifacts;
  • gold and achievements for your character.

This will greatly increase your archetype to new heights, and it will become much easier for you to find a new raid the next time. If you select the “mining master” option, we guarantee that you will receive at least 7 items from 945+ from all bosses. We always appreciate our customers and try to give them only the best. That’s why we collect teams of 20 players for all our raid launches to make sure that you get the maximum number of items per pass.

Why should you choose boost wow?

With boost wow, you can order a service with additional options, such as scheduling itself or broadcasting to Twitch. You will be able to test the raid and kill all 11 bosses with the help of an experienced 20+ male group. A professional raid leader will tell you about the raid and explain all the tactics and tricks for defeating the bosses. But if you can’t participate in the raid yourself, you can watch the broadcast of the raid with your character on Twitch! You will have the opportunity to see in it all the bosses with your character and will be able to see all the items that he will be able to get!

What you get for Antor Heroic Running:

  • We will defeat all 11 bosses and complete the raid for you.
  • You will receive 945 items.
  • Kirin-Tor, invoking the Crystal, the Kirin-Tor mountain in the form of violets.
  • The opportunity to get Antoran Charhound, one of the hounds of Sargeras as a mountain.
  • Gold and artifact power, which falls from the bosses.
  • Achievement to complete the raid.
  • Achievement for killing the last boss – “Ahead of the curve: Argus Unmaker.

If you don’t agree with our price, you can contact our support. Operators will quickly try to find a compromise that suits both sides. They are ready to quickly answer all your questions, regardless of the level of their complexity.

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