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How to choose the data plan that you really need

When choosing a data plan it is easy to make mistakes. If the user needs more than he hired, he is losing money. How to choose the one that you really need? For your info, there are so many companies offering their wireless plans, and Verizon is a good sample. To know its wireless prices, you can click

A first advice is to monitor your data consumption. All smartphones today allow us to do it, and we already tell you how is the procedure in a previous note. If you know how many ‘megas’ or ‘gigas’ you use each month, and if your routines are relatively constant, adjusting your plan is much simpler. But if you are a new user, or if you feel that your habits changed, it is best to follow the following recommendations.

1. If you are going to keep your mobile internet on, never hire less than 1 GB. The reason is that the applications and utilities of your device can make voluminous downloads without you noticing, as updates or ‘patches’ that can eat a good ‘slice’ of your data. Another reason is that you may be fond of your constant connection, or may one day need to use it more intensely than normal. In those cases, it is better to have room to do so. The advice also works the other way around: if you chose a data plan of less than 1 GB, it is not a good idea to keep your mobile data in permanent operation.

2. If you do not stay long in a Wi-Fi zone, try to hire at least 2 GB. If you move constantly or in your home or office does not have a wireless connection, you will need your mobile connection very often, sometimes even to share Wi-Fi to other devices. You must choose a data plan of 2 GB or more, because any smaller amount can be scarce if that is your main means of connectivity, especially if you are going to consume streaming services on your devices.

  1. If you are going to share your mobile connection with several devices constantly, your ‘floor’ must be 3 GB. It is not necessary to worry if, one afternoon or two, you decide to ‘serve’ Wi-Fi to your laptop or tablet from your mobile. But if you plan to do it every day, it is best to choose a voluminous data plan and avoid surprises. Keep in mind that, in general, the bigger the screen, the more data is consumed: one tablet tends to spend more ‘mega’ than a phone, and one PC more than a tablet. Extra tip: be careful with the battery.