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Innovative and Unique IT Infrastructure Solution for Your Business

An innovative IT infrastructure solution that allows businesses to save old files depending on age, size and type, and provide instant access with a single click. File ArchiverSF is a unique application and is increasingly being used by businesses and organizations to keep their old files in order.

The application offers a structured method of migrating old files to tier storage, enabling access when in need. It works from start to finish with NTFS and does not need any proprietary storage mechanism. A cost effective and reliable system to store files to the cloud, NAS, SAN, or UNC storage specifically designed for Windows file servers.

Why use ArchiverSF

The storage need of businesses and organizations increases over the years. Throughout their operations files are constantly being created and some have to be kept sometimes up to 20 – 30 years and occasionally can be reviewed for different purposes. ArchiverSF provide businesses with:

  • A flexible file storage system that free up space on the first tier storage. Instead of seeking to continuously purchase storage space, the application storage system grows with the businesses.
  • ArchiverSF is easy to share and restore in case of a disaster. Recovery in made very easy without the need of re-installing agents or client’s components, thus you can easily get back to business in the event of a disaster.
  • You will also save time and money by cutting down the amount the businesses might spend on backups

What archiverSF offers

  • With ArchiverSF, you have an application that enables the migration of old files to target devices such as VM, CISF, NAS, iSCSI, cloud, Amazon AWS, and many others.
  • Increased scalability for the simple fact that files are not stored in any proprietary storage mechanism.
  • Direct file access offering instant access to users without the need of an agent or other components

Many companies use ArchiverSF software which has helped them to effectively resolve their storage problem without every so often having either to purchase backup storage space or seek and find other solutions.

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