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Major Advantages of Hosted PBX Systems

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Without many knowing it, hosted PBX service has been around for close to two decades now. In several ways, it offers you much more value than conventional PBX phone systems. One of such value they offer is that they combine the best of telephone and internet connection technology to give you quality PBX service. Today, things have even gone much savvy on PBX host services as a lot of value-added functions now come with contemporary models. Moreover, PBX hosting service is available to users on a contractual basis; many companies that offer this service would typically service a user at a time except they have multi-user infrastructures that allow them to serve several users simultaneously.

Every time you use a hosted PBX System, the difference is clear! Where obsolete PBX phone systems would have to combine hunt groups functions, flexible company directories and other archaic functions for its operations, Hosted PBX System with just its Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) function gives you impeccable telephone and voicemail quality. No need for real-time monitoring systems or call transfers between extensions; with just ACD and other sophisticated internet-enabled administration functions, Hosted PBX System so easily perform various PBX services including managing call queues, bringing new users on board, altering hunt groups and so on. The most interesting part of this is that they are not even as complex as the old phone-based PBX system; an amateur can confidentially operate the system and feel like a pro.

More so, one other premium feature of Hosted PBX systems is their automatic voicemail transfer system. Sometimes you may not be there to answer voicemail calls on your PBX hardware, but with Hosted PBX systems such voice mail calls can be set in such a way that they are diverted to your cell phone’s voicemail facility. Practically, this is how it works, when a caller places a call to your PBX phone hardware and there is no answer, he or she could use the voice mail extension service that keeps them on the line while their call is diverted to your hosted PBX service, you could choose to answer or decline the call; if you choose to answer the call, you have an option of taking the caller back to the voice mail service or other extensions; at some other times when the lines are jammed, automatically the system communicates to the caller to leave a message.

Amazingly, all of these fantastic features of a hosted PBX system come at little or no cost; with these systems, you also get value for every amount spent as the Hosted system comes in packages, you just go for the one that suits your budget and need.

Even with all that has been said so far concerning the advantages and benefits of Hosted PBX systems, we still have not exhausted all! Apart from being fully automated, they have a robust capacity to handle several calls concurrently and channel calls to all types of phones as they are compatible with most PBX hardware and offer better support for your audio communication system at no cost. This makes it really cheap to incorporate them into your organization’s IT infrastructure for the benefit of employees so that they can keep tabs and remain connected even outside the precincts of your organization.