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Progo Scooter Review or How to Save the World and Money in One Swoop

Care about the environment is one of the most discussed topics not only among the ecologists but the industrial revolution followers as well. Numerous organizations and committees are created on a regular basis to regulate the problem of air/water pollution. In a time when gas-powered vehicles are becoming prohibited means of transportation in some countries, ecologically clean fuel comes forth as the only way to fight the issue. Thus, the outstanding automotive manufacturers like a Los Angeles based ProGo Recreation group have already started producing eco-friendly vehicles. And the product you may view at turned out to be the first of its kind to pave the way for further technological development.

Small device that makes a big contribution to the environment protection

To begin with, ProGo 3000 is a propane-powered scooter that has nothing to do with toxic emissions. The type of fuel it uses has a number of advantages over gasoline, one of which is low carbon concentration. As we know from school, carbon-dioxide, the main product of fuel combustion process, is the main reason of air pollution and greenhouse effect in particular. But if we take propane, the amount of waste it produces is so negligible that it even acquired an eco-friendly status. The scooter ProGo Recreation introduced to the wide audience a couple of years ago was both EPA and CARB approved. It can be legally used in practically every corner of the Earth. The exhausts it emits quickly and easily dissolve in the air leaving no sign of pollution or any traceable scent. To add more, the model is quiet and compact. Riding it is a pure joy and fun experience.

Distinctive features of the product

The first thing we’d like to focus our attention on is the scooter’s compact size. The key idea of ProGo Recreation engineers was to make it portable and easy to store. Thanks to the foldable handle their goal was achieved – one can just fold the device and carry it as a bag whenever it’s required. Luckily, the dry weight of 16 kilos allows doing that without much trouble. Besides, tiny dimensions offer one more significant advantage – maneuverability. Should you get in a road jam, you can easily slip between cars and continue your trip without stopping for a single minute. Surely, your boss will appreciate that you are punctual and always come to work on time.

Also, when speaking about a motor vehicle, one can’t leave out its technical features. What makes ProGo 3000 distinct from the gas-powered scooters is the fact that it uses a four-stroke engine instead of a two-stroke alternative. A 25 cc metal heart provides a no-failure work and cares about the environment at the same time. The easy pull start function relieves you of the need to pull the cord 5 times in a row. In addition, its low capacity will save you money in the long run since a 16.4 oz propane cylinder is enough to grant you with 2-3 hours of riding time.