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Solution of common video conferencing system debugging problems:

First, the device shell is charged phenomenon

As the sound engineering of all equipment must work electricity, so debugging may first encounter some of the equipment shell charged with the problem, although the shell does not necessarily affect the use of equipment, but will endanger the safety of users, must be completely resolved.

Second, the sound system volume is insufficient

Engineering debugging often encounter sound volume is always small, less than the design sound pressure level requirements of the phenomenon,

This means that the video conferencing device is problematic in installation and setup.

Third, the sound field in the resonance and feedback

Although the design and construction have been carefully considered, but inevitably there is not too comprehensive and unpredictable place, and the occurrence of this problem certainly affect the normal use, should be eliminated.

Fourth, produce interference noise

Sound engineering encountered interference with the noise is very much time, the reasons are different, usually solve very troublesome, but as long as careful analysis, from the construction of the framework to discover the purposes behind the slow examination of the issue can simply be settled.

Fifth, the video image is not normal

Professional audio engineering video transmission distance is generally longer, usually the signal also need to go through the video processing and distribution, and then to more than one display device, the middle part of the link may be due to different reasons for the video image quality is not good, Watch the effect, it should be handled.

Six, wireless microphone sound instability

Now most of the audio projects are equipped with a wireless microphone, but due to improper installation and commissioning, a considerable number of poor use.

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