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Spring Wedding Refrigeration Hire

Wedding peak season will be upon us soon and this means that venues will need to have the optimum facilities to feed and cater to the bride and groom’s whims. It’s not only the food that needs refrigeration, the bouquets and buttonholes won’t enjoy wilting in the sun either.

Wedding venues, large or small should consider hiring walk-in cold rooms or fridge trailers so that they have the additional capacity required to hold a plethora of couples’ wedding fare.

For example, if the hotel’s kitchens are full with day to day stock you need additional wedding refrigeration or you’ll be faced with either losing a booking or disappointing a wedding party on the day with a small menu and lacklustre arrangements. Neither of which will win future business through recommendations.

Talk to a professional firm like Icecool Trailers in Newbury about cold room rental. They cover Berkshire, London, the Thames Valley, the Homes Counties, the Midlands and South Wales and can furnish you with walk-in cold rooms that staff can work in.

The cold room rental units are 1.8 or 3m normally and hold 5 cubic metres and 8.5 cubic metres respectively, more than enough to cover a series of weddings without the on-site fridge bursting at the seams.

The hire firm delivers the wedding refrigeration and can build it on site so don’t worry that a unit won’t fit through the doors to the premises. It will.

The cold room rental facilities are hygienic, meet legislation and are maintained excellently by the leading firms.

They’ll collect the facilities at the end of the hire period and you are welcome to extend hire.

Insurance will be required for the stock placed in to the walk-in cold rooms but the cold rooms are covered under the hire firm’s insurance.

Cold room rental comprises units which don’t have wheels and won’t move throughout the hire period.

If you want a fridge trailer, wedding refrigeration that can be moved because it’s on wheels and positioned indoors or outside, perhaps by a marquee or summerhouse, you can source these from the same hire firms, most often in 2.4m and 3m sizes.

Wedding trivia

How well, as a wedding and events planner, do you know weddings?

According to folklore, which month is believed to be the unluckiest for weddings? May.

Which of these is not allowed at a civil ceremony – A veil. Hymns. Unique vows? Hymns.

In which year, did it become possible to marry at a licenced venue in England and Wales? 2000.

In which culture do the guests pinch the bride for good luck? Egypt.

Which document can brides have altered to their married name prior to the wedding ceremony? Passport.

Congratulations if you answered these correctly.

Final question:

Are you certain that your spring wedding venue has enough fridge and freezer capacity for the abundance of events you’re hosting? If you aren’t confident about this, why aren’t you hiring exceptional quality competitively priced walk-in cold rooms now?