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The Best Time To Get Good Deals When Buying A Used Car

Who doesn’t want to buy a good car at a relatively cheap price and save some cash for a rainy day? If you want to get the best used Maruti Suzuki Wagon R to buy in Bangalore, consider the following. These are have proven to offer the best deals for purchasing a used car.

  1. Holiday season

Between Christmas and new year is the time where most dealers are under a lot of pressure to clear the current stock. They need to pave way for incoming models in the coming year. The dealers know that once it hits January, it will be more difficult to sell the cars. This is due to the fact that the cars will be a year older.

  1. Season of the Year

Consider the type of car you want to buy and imagine the kind of weather it would not be suitable for. That is the best time for buying that vehicle. For example, convertibles or cars with sunroof are ideal for the summer season. The best time to buy them is during winter when no one is really interested in them.

  1. Middle of the week

This is a time when most people are working. It is the slowest time in the car dealerships. During the weekends the dealers are busy advertising and promoting their cars. They will not listen to your negotiations since there are other clients in line after you.

  1. End of the month

This is a crazy time for the dealers since they have to submit reports of their sales. If they have not achieved their targets, this is the best time to do it. This is the only chance they have to increase their sales records to be able to get any bonus payments. They are more open to negotiating as long as they will get that car off the market.

  1. Last months of the year

This includes October, November, and December. This is the time the dealers are clearing their inventory and making new purchases for the coming year. If you are patient enough you can get yourself a very good deal.