The Top Best Apps to Help Sync Your Mac

When you own a Mac computer or a MacBook, you may be limited to ways you can synchronize with other devices especially if you’re using different operating systems. There are those key applications that are a must have on your computer in order to help with the synchronizing processes. There are various apps to sync mac and others are third party apps that can also be helpful.


If you’re looking for something of quality and versatile syncmate, an app to sync Mac should be at the top of your list. It is capable of syncing your online accounts and with numerous portable devices with your Mac.

  • It can be supported across many platforms. Syncmate is not limited and this includes android devices, mac, ios, mtp and other mounted devices. It also supports google, Microsoft outlook, icloud, dropbox among others.
  • It has unlimited options when it comes to the choice of data. It can sync your files, folders and even personal data. This means pretty much everything in your phone can be synced up making it easy for you to keep your data up to date automatically.


This is another good option to sync your mac. It allows you to backup and restore data on your device. The issue is that its limited to apple devices i.e. It works between mac and ios devices only.

  • It’s a great option if you’re using apple devices only.
  • It can sync up any file type between the apple devices.

Synchronize! Pro

This is a good app for backup and restoration but not for synchronization, the name suggests otherwise though.

  • It can backup your mac data to a disk image over a network, to a file server, filewire disk and powerbook.
  • You can schedule backup time or set automatically.