What Are the Benefits Of Using PTZ Security Cameras?

PTZ cameras provide more benefits than a normal security camera that is used for home security purposes. They come equipped with software to remotely operate the security cameras through your gadgets like laptop, computer or smartphone.

PTZ cameras are quite expensive when compared to home security cameras, but thanks to Hikvision subsidies offered by the government. You can get it at an affordable price now.

Now, let’s quickly look into the benefits of using PTZ security cameras.

  1. Large Viewing Angle: Unlike home security cameras, PTZ security cameras have a 360-degree viewing angle. You can pre-program these cameras as per your requirements and then fix them on the rooftops. One more key advantage of PTZ cameras is that instead of having a multi-channel setup (with normal indoor and outdoor security cameras) one or two PTZ cameras would do the work.
  2. Weather-Proof: PTZ cameras are built to withstand the extreme weather conditions without compromising the performance. So, you can install these cameras in any part of the building.
  3. Night Vision: PTZ cameras have the ability to capture videos even in the darkest conditions. It has a specially built dome, where small LEDs emit IR light for the camera lens to capture the best images and videos even in the darkest conditions.
  4. High Zoom: Depending on the amount you invest on PTZ cameras, they can zoom anywhere in the range of 150 feet to maximum of 1,000 feet. Expensive PTZ cameras can zoom a person by 36 times.
  5. Auto Focus: PTZ cameras have inbuilt auto focus mode, and hence the output is always clear. Even the IR light adjusts automatically to capture the best shots. You also have HD options to capture the best shots of the video and automatically save the footage.
  6. Simple Installation: As mentioned earlier, instead of having a multi-channel setup, one can meet the requirements with one or two PTZ cameras.
  7. Motion Tracking: They have motion tracking built within and it can be programmed to track a person or object when in motion.

These are few of the top benefits of purchasing a PTZ camera as against the typical indoor and outdoor security cameras for home and business purpose. Now that you know how beneficial it can be it’s time to evaluate if PTZ cameras can meet your needs and invest in one.