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Why You Should Edit Your Photos!

Why You Should Edit Your Photos!

When I talk about using an image enhancer tool to edit photos, I often receive (very) bizarre reactions. To my amazement, the topic of editing your photos with a picture enhancer is still a sensitive topic, and that’s why I decided to write this article.

The statements I hear most often about enhancing your photos using a picture enhancer software can usually be categorized in one of the statements below. If you smile reading one of these statements, this article is for you!

  1. “Why would I edit my photos?” 
  2. “Retouching is cheating!” » My favorite.”
  3. “I do not retouch my photos because I do not have time”
  4. “A picture enhancing software is too expensive and is too complicated.”

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Why Would I Edit My Photos? 

My answer to this question is usually “Why would you not retouch?  “

Professional, Peer Group, And Technical Reason

More seriously, all the photos you see in your magazine, newspaper, etc. are enhanced, and no photographer I know will accept to show you his pictures if they have not been in his editing software. Why? Because the photo that “comes out” of your device is only half done! It’s as if at the time of the film, you released your film from your device and you show it directly to your friends without developing (laughs)! They would take you for a crazy, and that’s what all photo enthusiasts feel when you show them your half-finished photos :-).

My favorite objection to editing is “Retouching is cheating! “. But did you know that your camera retouches all your photos without asking your opinion? Indeed, a series of parameters are applied automatically when the camera saves your images in JPEG format. And even if you have the choice of preset in your device’s preferences (often called “Picture Style”), the device does not give you a choice as to whether or not to apply it. The good news is that the camera does this so that your photos look like what you actually see with your eyes because otherwise, the raw data from the sensor is pretty “bad”. Unfortunately, the extent of these automatic settings is:

  • Non-personalized; it’s the same setting for all photos
  • Very limited regarding correction (contrast, sharpness, colors)
  • ” Destructive ” in the case of JPEG format, it becomes more difficult to change the setting that has been “embedded in” the photo

Retouch Your Images Because Your Device Is Technically Limited

Your device, as powerful as it is, is technically limited! It may surprise you, but it is! And in some situations, it will never allow you to reproduce the scene as you have experienced it and your photo will not evoke the emotion you have felt.